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Variety might be the spice of life, but it also happens to be our business philosophy. Here at RubyCat we aim to entertain you, regardless of what you’re into. Not only do we publish various creative works, but our in-house development team crafts unique experiences that shouldn’t be missed.

We Only Publish the Best.

Anyone can submit to us, but we only publish the best work we come by. For authors: we accept both fiction and non-fiction novels, anthologies, and poetry collections. For developers: we accept games aimed for any platform, but we request that – at minimum – a functional playtest be available. For musicians: we’ll consider any genre, but please only submit completed tracks.

Have something outside the box that doesn’t match what we’ve described? Good. Send it to us.

Why Publish With RubyCat?




  • National Distribution

  • Expert Editing

  • Physical and eBook Editions

  • Professional Cover Art

  • Both Steam & Indie Distribution

  • We Handle the Steam Greenlight Process

  • Guidance From Experienced Developers

  • Professional Mastering

  • Access to the Latest and Greatest Audio Software

  • Professionally Produced Backing Tracks for Vocal Artists